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As marketers, which AI software should we use in China to boost marketing performance?

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Chinese AI softwares

Since ChatGPT has gained widespread recognition overnight in China, AI has become increasingly popular in our daily lives, and marketers have started to realize its usefulness in supporting our marketing activities. In the English-oriented market, there are numerous AI platforms available to assist us in implementing marketing strategies. For example, we can utilize Midjourney for generating images and Tome for creating slides. Additionally, Hootsuite is a valuable tool for managing social media.

However, what about AI assistant tools specifically tailored for marketing activities in China? Given the significance of localization in Chinese marketing, it is crucial to identify AI tools that can facilitate improved marketing performance in the Chinese market.


Chinese AI softwares_Effidit

Effidit is a Chinese text optimization AI tool developed by Tencent. With Effidit, you have the ability to request grammar corrections, refine paragraphs, and adjust the length of your copywriting after writing the main sentence. Moreover, the tool offers the option to generate text in various styles, such as science fiction, military, Kungfu novels, and commercial writing.

Chinese AI softwares_Effidit page

Zen Video

Chinese AI softwares_Zen video

Another AI tool developed by Tencent is Zen Video. Despite its name suggesting video editing capabilities, it's worth noting that Zen Video can do more than just edit videos—it can also generate images.

Similar to other AI image generators, Zen Video allows you to generate images by providing a description of the desired image. The process takes a few minutes, and you can then refine the generated images or download them directly. As an example, we provided a Chinese text meaning "A French rice field dominated by aliens," and Zen Video generated several related images for us to further refine or download.

Chinese AI softwares_Zen video

To enhance your video marketing efforts, Zen Video offers various video editing functionalities that can assist you:

· Text-to-Video Conversion: Zen Video allows you to transform text into video content. This feature enables you to convert written text into visually engaging videos.

Chinese AI softwares_Zen video

Chinese AI softwares_Zen video

· Video Editing: Zen Video provides editing capabilities for videos. You can utilize this tool to remove subtitles or copyright information from videos, ensuring a clean and professional appearance.

Chinese AI softwares_Zen video

· Voiceover Addition via Text Input: With Zen Video, you can easily add voiceovers to your videos by simply inputting the desired text. This feature streamlines the process of incorporating voice narration into your videos.

Chinese AI softwares_Zen video

Writing Cat (Xiezuomao)

Chinese AI softwares_Writing cat

Writing Cat is a powerful tool that aids in creating diverse styles of copywriting specifically tailored for different platforms. Whether you need an attention-grabbing advertisement slogan, concise copywriting for short videos, or captivating copy for Red platform, Writing Cat has got you covered.

For instance, when generating copy specifically for Red platform, the process is effortless. You simply input the product name and description, and Writing Cat will automatically generate an entire paragraph along with relevant hashtags that are tailored to Red. This allows you to save time and effortlessly create compelling copy that resonates with your target audience on the platform.

Chinese AI softwares_Writing cat


Chinese AI softwares_Wenxinyige

The AI image generator developed by Baidu, the largest Chinese search engine company, is a remarkable tool that enables users to generate images based on Chinese text descriptions. By simply inputting a Chinese description, such as "A premium Chinese restaurant is crowded and there are two vases standing in front of the gate. Customers are happily chatting and enjoying delicious food," the AI tool can generate corresponding images.

Chinese AI softwares_Wenxinyige

As the demand for AI in the marketing industry continues to rise, we can expect the emergence of even more AI tools designed to enhance marketing efforts. In the near future, we will continue to share and explore these advancements, providing marketers with a broader range of AI-powered tools and solutions.

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