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Brand Localization Solution

We specialize in helping brands localize, construct, and consolidate their brand identity, including platform development, content creation, and marketing campaigns

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Case Study


ARB is a renowned 4X4 accessories brand with its origins in Australia, enjoying global recognition. While the company has not yet ventured into the Chinese market, it does have established dealers who currently represent the brand with varying brand images as per their own understanding. Additionally, ARB lacks an official platform to engage with its Chinese customers and deliver consistent information from its headquarters to the Chinese market. In light of these circumstances, implementing localization marketing strategies becomes imperative for ARB to establish a successful presence in China.

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Our Solution

To address this, we have established their WeChat official account and crafted compelling content through localized copywriting, formatting, and designing. It also includes detailed report analysis and effective recommendations, allowing the content to be optimized based on the insights gathered. This approach ensures effective communication with the Chinese market and enhances their brand presence in the region

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Furthermore, it expedites ARB's localization efforts and fosters meaningful interactions with its Chinese customer base, while simultaneously laying a solid foundation for future marketing campaigns.

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