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Integrated Marketing

From marketing planning and project execution to lead generation, annual reporting, and optimization recommendations

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Case Study

Phase One

Phase One, a premium Danish imaging system brand, had established a presence in the Chinese market for over a decade. However, they faced challenges with their marketing strategies, which resulted in an outdated brand image and limited marketing channels. In response, Phase One took proactive measures to address these challenges and bolster their market position. Their initiatives included a comprehensive brand image upgrade and an ambitious expansion of their marketing endeavors.

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Our Solution

The first step was to revamp their brand image, aiming for a more vibrant and sophisticated appeal that would resonate with a younger demographic. This involved redesigning their WeChat account to exude an energetic style. To engage with the younger generation, we extended their marketing presence to platforms such as Billibili, where we showcased behind-the-scenes videos, and WeChat video, which featured teaser and intriguing short clips. Additionally, we utilized Red to directly interact with customers, leveraging their user-generated content. To streamline the process and ensure an integrated approach, we incorporated the CRM system into all these marketing channels, creating a cohesive and efficient marketing system.

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HnE solutions_integrated marketing solution_Phase One_Customer Acquisition
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By implementing this integrated marketing solution, Phase One successfully expanded its customer segmentation and significantly increased brand awareness in the high-end imaging market

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