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Leads Generation

Develop tailored marketing plans to achieve a triple win for brand image, messaging, and sales

Case Study

This customer specializes in software and systems engineering, offering a portfolio of complex, process-based product engineering, software solutions, training, and advisory services for safety-critical aspects in the automotive, medical, and aerospace industries. However, it faces challenges with lead nurturing due to limited brand awareness and a shortage of available materials.

HnE solutions_leads generation  solution_Method Park
Our Solution

To tackle this challenge, we have customized a marketing plan for them to boost its lead generation efforts. Firstly, we created an integrated ecosystem that spans from content creation to promotional exposure and customer acquisition connections. Secondly, we focused on enhancing content material, exploring marketing touchpoints in-depth, and establishing a content-to-lead channel. Lastly, we leveraged accurate hashtags to ensure effective exposure through WeChat paid advertisements, targeting their existing industry for lead generation.

HnE solutions_leads generation solution_ Method Park _WeChat ecosystem
HnE solutions_leads generation solution_ Method Park _content marketing
HnE solutions_leads generation solution_ Method Park _WeChat paid advertisements


Due to our involvement, they have tripled its sales leads and gained more traffic through its existing channels.

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