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Utilize WeChat as the designated platform in the Chinese market for regular content sharing and customer relationship building.

Case Study

This customer, is a German supplement Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), initially faced challenges with brand communication and a lack of Chinese marketing material in the Chinese market. With a limited marketing budget in H2, they sought a cost-effective solution to maximize their impact within their budget.

HnE solutions_cost-effective solution_BHI
Our Solution

Following a thorough brand diagnosis, we recommended utilizing WeChat as the designated platform for it in the Chinese market. This strategy involved regular content sharing and customer relationship building. By leveraging both their WeChat official account and WeChat video account, it was able to establish a direct communication channel with their customers and create more Chinese marketing material, providing valuable information about their products to both existing and potential customers.

HnE solutions_cost-effective solution_BHI_WeChat content
HnE solutions_cost-effective solution_BHI_WeChat video
HnE solutions_cost-effective solution_BHI_leads generation

With our support, it has been consistently generating content on WeChat, resulting in significant marketing performance improvements, including increased lead generation and enhanced brand exposure.

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