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Brand Image Maintenance Solution

Optimizing existing content to align with the brand tone, covering everything from content presentation to conveying the brand image

Case Study

This customer, a formerly listed German company, specializes in the production of premium wood-based materials, including medium-density fibreboard and particle board. Despite having a marketing presence in China since 2021, the brand lacked a strong premium image in the country.

HnE solutions_ brand image maintenance  solution_Pfleiderer
Our Solution

We have successfully optimized their WeChat channel by aligning all existing content with the brand's unique tone, encompassing menu settings, interactive replies, and regular posts. Additionally, we strategically established the Weibo channel to further solidify the brand's high-end image and increase overall brand exposure.

HnE solutions_brand image maintenance solution_ Pfleiderer _restoring WeChat platform
HnE solutions_brand image maintenance solution_ Pfleiderer _high-end brand image
HnE solutions_brand image maintenance solution_ Pfleiderer _communication channels


Following the reactivation of their brand image, we witnessed a remarkable surge in review rates and follower growth. Chinese dealers also experienced enhanced ease in promoting the brand to the targeted affluent customer segment.

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