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Project Scopes:

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DBOX was founded in 1996, headquartered in London and Miami. It is a world-leading architectural visualization company with numerous accolades, including Emmy Awards. Renowned for outstanding quality and innovative design, DBOX primarily serves top architectural firms such as Foster + Partners, Herzog & De Meuron, BIG, ZHA, and giants in the real estate industry.

In 2020, the head of DBOX's Hong Kong branch reached out to the HnE team, seeking to enter the mainland Chinese market by establishing an official brand WeChat platform. Despite facing challenges in account creation and verification due to DBOX's prior absence in the mainland market without a Chinese business license or contacts, the collaboration aimed to enhance brand recognition in China.


Firstly, before the official launch of the project, our project manager conducted a thorough understanding of DBOX to ensure eligibility for WeChat Official Account registration. After completing the account registration, we organized a project kickoff meeting with the client, which was divided into three main parts:

  • WeChat Marketing Workshop: Our senior consultants provided detailed guidance to the client's relevant personnel on WeChat platform, including a comprehensive overview of WeChat marketing, introduction to WeChat features, and operational strategies.

  • Defining Account Operation Direction: The client aimed to highlight brand personality and attract a sophisticated audience. To achieve this, we worked on setting up the content framework for the enterprise basic information and WeChat menu, ensuring that all internal page designs and content on WeChat reflected a high-end and concise brand style.​

  • Future Strategic: Based on the preliminary brand research, we introduced marketing strategies beyond the WeChat platform that DBOX could explore, helping the client gain a deeper understanding of the complete digital market in China, laying the foundation for future development.​

In the initial operational phase, our focus was on enriching account content, regularly updating articles to engage the audience. Additionally, we integrated SEO keywords into article titles and content to optimize WeChat search visibility. In the first phase, leveraging a strong brand foundation and an operational approach aligned with the brand personality, DBOX attracted attention from professionals in the industry


In just three short months, DBOX has successfully garnered a substantial fan base with outstanding content. The current high-end and minimalist brand personality has laid a solid foundation for the brand's successful entry into the Chinese market.


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WeChat Content of DBOX

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