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It's the Little Red Book logo.

Little Red Book Marketing

1. Little Red Book Introduction

  • What is Little Red Book?

Little Red Book is a vibrant Chinese social media and e-commerce platform where users can share their experiences and make online purchases. Known as 小红书 (Xiaohongshu or Red) in China, its official app name is 'Red.' In just a decade of development, Little Red Book has swiftly risen to become one of the most popular social media platforms among global Chinese users, and its influence continues to grow.

As a result, an increasing number of international brands are establishing their marketing presence on Little Red Book to effectively engage with customers.

They're the international brands on Little Red Book.

If you're an individual user, you can create captivating and experiential content on Little Red Book. By gaining more followers and increasing exposure for your Little Red Book account, you can even become an influencer, earning income through collaborations with brands to promote their products.

For brands, Little Red Book provides a direct channel to reach both existing and potential customers. The user base of Little Red Book has steadily expanded, now encompassing a more diverse customer segment. Initially, the platform predominantly attracted female users, with males constituting only around 10%. Cosmetic, skincare, apparel, jewelry, luxury, and footwear brands achieved success on Little Red Book by tapping into its existing customer base. However, for brands targeting different customer segments, Little Red Book might not have been a consideration for their marketing efforts.

The number of female-related topics on Little Red Book.

Nevertheless, the landscape is evolving. An increasing number of male users are now actively engaging with Little Red Book. Recent research indicates that the male user base has surged to 30%, exceeding 40 million. Little Red Book has actively encouraged the sharing of male-oriented content, including digital technology, sports, and fitness-related topics.

The number of male-related topics on Little Red Book.

This is the ideal time for brands aiming to captivate the interest of both female and male customers to leave their imprint on Little Red Book. 

Little Red Book's Role Among Chinese Users
  • Little Red Book’s Role Among Chinese Users

1. Decision Coaching Role in the Consumer Buying Process

When consumers get the itch to make a purchase, they don't just dive headfirst into the shopping scene or hop onto e-commerce platforms. In the intricate dance of the consumer journey, they embark on a quest for the perfect product, meticulously comparing prices and savoring the unique attributes of different brands through various channels like social media or websites. And guess what? Little Red Book stands out as a dazzling beacon in this exploration, becoming a pivotal channel where they conduct their research and ultimately seal the deal.

Here's a mind-blowing stat: a whopping 120 million users turn to Little Red Book for their purchasing queries. The cherry on top? There's a catchy slogan circulating among the cool 90s crowd in China: '遇事不决小红书', which translates to "When in doubt, turn to Little Red Book." It's like having your trusty sidekick in decision-making, and it perfectly captures the essence of seeking guidance on this dynamic platform.

2. Chinese Instagram + Quora

The content of Little Red Book is a dynamic mix of images, videos, and captions writing, earning it the nickname 'Chinese Instagram'.

Yet, it's more than just an Instagram. Users share experiences, seek information, and answer questions, turning Little Red Book into a Chinese Quora of sorts. It's a dynamic space where users not only showcase but also connect and explore.

3. Primary Channel for Accessing Overseas Information

The initial purpose of Little Red Book was to serve as a community hub where shoppers could share their overseas buying experiences and information about international brands. Over time, the platform has evolved beyond being just a space for sharing shopping experiences; it has become a go-to platform for sharing a wide range of overseas experiences, including travel, immigration, and overseas careers.

Searching for '海外' (meaning overseas) yields 4.66 million related user-generated content (UGC), and searching for '国外' (meaning foreign countries) yields 2.63 million related UGCs. Little Red Book has become a treasure trove of useful information for individuals interested in everything from life and work abroad to leisure activities.

As a result, it stands out as one of the primary social media channels for people seeking diverse and valuable overseas information.

The number of overseas-related topics on Little Red Book.
Key Features When Setting Up a Little Red Book Account
  • Key Features When Setting Up a Little Red Book Account

1. Enterprise Account Registration

To get started on Little Red Book, make sure to download the mobile app as registration through the web version isn't supported. The registration process is now more straightforward. Choose from various methods like WeChat, QQ, mobile phone number, Weibo, or Apple ID for quick sign-up. After creating a basic personal account, move on to the verification process to upgrade to a verified enterprise account.

It's the Little Red Book enterprise account registration page.

2. Verification of Enterprise Account

To verify your account, we'll guide you through the steps. Keep in mind that specific industries might encounter challenges in obtaining verification due to policy restrictions. Little Red Book charges a verification fee of CNY 600, renewable annually.

They're the Little Red Book verification process pages.
They're the Little Red Book verification process pages.
It's the Little Red Book enterprise verification process.

Despite setting English as the system language on Little Red Book, some pages still appear in Chinese. To ensure a seamless verification process, we strongly recommend seeking assistance from a local digital marketing agency, such as HnE Marketing. Their expertise can facilitate the resolution of this issue.

Once you have a verified enterprise account, you unlock the following benefits:

  • High Trust and Visibility: Boost your brand's credibility by showcasing a blue 'V' mark, a symbol of trust, right next to your brand or company on Little Red Book. This not only instills confidence in your customers but also ensures your brand takes center stage when people search for it, enjoying enhanced visibility.

It's the verified international brand account on Little Red Book.
  • Outstanding Industry Profile: Your profile information clearly displays the industry in which you operate as a verified enterprise account

It's the industry profile of verified account showing on Little Red Book.
  • No Limitations on Content Creation for Brand or Product Promotion: Little Red Book enforces strict advertising policies. Any content promoting brands or products by non-verified accounts without proper advertisement disclosure is subject to removal by the platform. However, as a verified enterprise account, you're allowed to create content related to your brand or products without such limitations.

  • Enhanced Inbox Messaging Capacity: While basic personal accounts are restricted to sending three inbox messages per month to users who haven't followed your account, verified enterprise accounts enjoy the privilege of sending up to 15 inbox messages.

  • Integration with E-commerce: With a verified account, you can operate your own e-store selling products that align with your verified category on Little Red Book. This e-store can seamlessly integrate into your verified account, enhancing your brand's exposure.

It's the e-commerce on Little Red Book.
  • Online to Offline Integration: The verified account comes with integrated offline store information, offering customers the convenience of easily locating and navigating to physical stores.

It's the offline shops of the verified account on Little Red Book.
Reasons to Establish a Little Red Book Enterprise Account
  • Live Streaming Feature: Live streaming is a powerful marketing tool in the Chinese market. With a verified account, you can effortlessly activate live streaming with just 500 followers. In contrast, basic personal accounts need over 5,000 followers to access live streaming. (Currently, this feature is only available for Chinese entities)

  • Reasons to Establish a Little Red Book Enterprise Account

1. Boosted Brand Awareness and Credibility

Being present on a platform like Little Red Book can enhance a brand's visibility and credibility in the eyes of Chinese consumers, as it's associated with quality, authenticity, and trustworthiness.

2. Tap into a Vast and Engaged User Base

Little Red Book boasts a substantial user base, with over 210 million users and a growth rate of 20.2% by September 2023, as reported in the 2023 Chinese Mobile Internet Autumn Report by QUEST MOBILE. This platform provides an excellent opportunity for international brands to connect with a specific demographic known for its strong purchasing power.

3. Gain Deeper Consumer Insights

By establishing a presence on Little Red Book, brands can directly access valuable data and insights into consumer preferences, trends, and behavior. This wealth of information empowers brands to refine their marketing strategies and product development for more successful outcomes.

4. Leverage Influencer Marketing

Little Red Book is home to numerous influencers and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) who can effectively promote international brands and their products to a broad and engaged customer.

5. Direct Interaction

Little Red Book facilitates direct communication through its comment feature, enabling interaction via your own account or others'. Brands can proactively engage with followers, addressing questions and dispelling any customer misconceptions. This stands in contrast to the limitations of WeChat official accounts, where interaction is restricted due to the unavailability of the comment feature for new accounts.

6. Competitive Edge

With a growing number of international brands making their mark on Little Red Book, it's increasingly crucial to have a presence on the platform to maintain competitiveness in the Chinese market.

7. High Customer Engagement

Little Red Book stands out for its exceptionally engaged and interactive customer base compared to other channels. This heightened level of customer engagement fosters greater loyalty, distinguishing it from other platforms.

2. Little Red Book Marketing for International Brands

  • Little Red Book Management

1. Content Formats

There are two content formats on Little Red Book: image+ long caption and short video+ short caption.

It's the image and caption format on Little Red Book.
It's the video and caption format on Little Red Book.

The following are the requirements for different content formats:

  • Image

Number of Images: Maximum 18 pieces

Size: Maximum 20MB

Formats: png, jpg, jpeg, webp

Resolution: Recommended to upload photos with an aspect ratio of 3:4 and a resolution of no less than 720x960. For images exceeding 1280 pixels, use the web version to upload for higher image quality

  • Video

Duration: Less than 15min

Size: Maximum 10GB

Formats: mp4, mov

Resolution: More than 720P (1280*720), video over 1080P is recommended to upload via web version

2. Contents Categories

  • Sync content from other platforms: In contrast to the influence of WeChat official accounts, Little Red Book has not yet become a dominant channel for brand promotion. Synchronizing content from other platforms not only establishes a marketing presence but also streamlines the process, saving valuable time for the company to generate more creative marketing materials.

  • Lucky draw campaign: Little Red Book is an ideal social media platform for brands interested in running lucky draw campaigns. As an open social media platform, it encourages higher user engagement, making it a perfect choice for interactive promotions.

It's the lucky draw campaign on Little Red Book.
  • Chinese Festival Posters/ Chinese Festival-Blended Post: Little Red Book is a more leisure-oriented content-sharing platform. Thus, sharing posts related to Chinese festivals can effectively resonate with the platform's customers.

It's the Chinese festival posters of BMW and Hasselblad showing on Little Red Book.
  • Tutorials and How-to guides: Offer your followers valuable insights and guidance on how to make the most of your products or services with instructive tutorials and how-to guides.

  • Storytelling: Embrace the power of storytelling by sharing brand narratives and captivating anecdotes that deeply connect with your customers, evoking strong emotional engagement.

3. Posting Frequency on Little Red Book

One key factor in Little Red Book's algorithm is the frequency of content updates. The more frequently you share high-quality content, the greater the likelihood of gaining increased exposure. Thus, it's essential to establish a consistent content posting schedule.

To maintain content quality, Little Red Book has imposed a rule limiting the number of posts per month. Each account is allowed a maximum of 30 posts on the platform.

For those who've recently joined Little Red Book, it's advisable to aim for at least one daily post. For brands that have maintained a presence on the platform for over a year, a frequency of two to three posts weekly is recommended.


Remember, the key is to regularly and consistently update with quality content!

4. Little Red Book SEO

In addition to crafting high-quality content, it's crucial to keep SEO in mind. Remember to focus on keyword placement and effective hashtag management to amplify your post's visibility and impact. For more in-depth information on Little Red Book SEO, click here to learn more.

5. Little Red Book Paid Advertising

  • Boosted Post Advertising

  • Search Engine CPC

  • In-Feed Ads CPC

For further insights into Little Red Book's paid advertising, feel free to download our comprehensive Little Red Book Paid Advertising Guide.

6. Marketing Analytics Tools and Insights

Within Little Red Book's backend platform, you'll find a wealth of inspiration on the Weekly Trending Topic Inspiration Board. This feature showcases the most trending topics of the week, offering a valuable reference when you're in need of creative ideas.

It's the marketing analytics tools and insights on Little Red Book.

Utilizing the content creation platform gives you the flexibility to craft captivating videos and striking images. Input titles, videos or images, write compelling captions, add hashtags, specify the location, and set the publication time. A convenient preview feature on the right side allows you to check the format before publishing your content.


To ensure your content performs at its best, delve into the data analytics section. Here, find comprehensive insights such as total readings and video playback figures, video boost rewards, interaction metrics, comments, shares, likes, and favorites. Additionally, explore trend graphs for each of these key indicators.

7. Management Tools for Little Red Book

While utilizing the official platform is a great start, it's not the whole story when it comes to maximizing your account's performance. To achieve a competitive edge, you can harness third-party management tools designed specifically for Little Red Book. These tools provide insightful information and help you benchmark your performance against similar competitors on the platform.

In this example, we'll explore a third-party data analysis platform called Huitun. Unlike the simplified data analysis offered on the official backend, Huitun's platform delves deep into the analysis of figures related to content, followers, and comments.

A third-party management tool designed to monitor the performance of Little Red Book accounts.
  • Content Analysis

Huitun's content analysis goes beyond basic metrics like interaction volume, comments, and sharing counts. It uncovers figures and trends related to related content, hot articles, article categories, and interaction percentages between videos and images. Additionally, the dashboard provides a comprehensive influencer analysis, tracking their influence trends when promoting a product, the distribution of interactions for each article, and the categories of each influencer.

This entails a content analysis of a third-party management tool focused on primarily monitoring the performance of Little Red Book accounts.
This entails a content analysis of a third-party management tool focused on primarily monitoring the performance of Little Red Book accounts.
  • Follower Analysis

Follower analysis provides insights into your followers' demographics, including gender, age, geographic region, their most active times, and the topics that pique their interest.

This entails a follower analysis of a third-party management tool focused on primarily monitoring the performance of Little Red Book accounts.
This entails a follower analysis of a third-party management tool focused on primarily monitoring the performance of Little Red Book accounts.
  • ​Comment Analysis

The comment analysis feature categorizes comments into positive, negative, neutral, and query types. It also identifies the most frequently used words in comments.

Budget-Based Strategies
  • Budget-Based Strategies

1. Initial Budget Strategies

If your company operates on a limited budget or you're a new brand venturing into the Little Red Book market, the path of content marketing offers a cost-effective and impactful choice. By generating innovative content or synchronizing content from other platforms and engaging directly with your customers, you can attract potential customers and maintain existing ones.

2. Optimized Budget Strategies

For companies with the resources to expand their marketing presence on Little Red Book, we recommend a two-pronged approach: combining content marketing with influencer marketing. Content marketing excels at retaining your existing customer base, while influencer marketing excels at attracting potential customers. By blending these strategies, companies can amplify their brand's visibility on Little Red Book.


Moreover, integrating an e-commerce component into your Little Red Book account is essential. Featuring an e-shop on your official page empowers customers to make a purchase on the spot when they're captivated by your content. It's the 'Call to Action' button that can make all the difference, retaining customers and steering them away from your competitors' shops.

3. 7 Tips to Enhance Your Little Red Book Performance

Though several brands have been active on Little Red Book, they have yet to witness significant progress in their marketing performance. Here are seven tips to assist you in identifying areas for improvement.

1. Understand Your Targeted Segments

Before venturing into a new channel, it's crucial to conduct market research to determine whether your target audience aligns with Little Red Book's user demographics.

2. Revamp Your Cover Image

The cover image holds immense significance on Little Red Book, serving as the initial impression that users have when deciding whether to explore your post further. Review your past cover images to ensure they reflect your brand identity and are eye-catching.

3. Optimize Your Content

Take a closer look at your previous content to identify topics with the highest readership and seek to understand why. You can also draw inspiration from competitors with strong performance to refine your content.

4. Master Hashtag Management

Hashtags are instrumental in your posts. Reevaluate the hashtags used in each post to ensure they are appropriate and relevant.

5. Organize Your Content Categories

Categorize and manage your content into different categories. This simplifies the process for customers to locate the specific content they are seeking.

It displays the content categories associated with verified accounts on Little Red Book.

6. Perfect Your Publishing Timing

Conduct A/B testing to determine the optimal times for posting on Little Red Book. Timing preferences may vary slightly across industries.

7. Engage with Your Followers

Engagement goes beyond merely answering questions or addressing misunderstandings on your own account. It's also essential to interact with your customers in other posts related to your brand or company, fostering a sense of community and connection.

4. Integration with Other Channels for Dual Impact

To unlock the full potential of Little Red Book, it's crucial to tap into the advantages of integrating it with other platforms, like WeChat. When these channels seamlessly come together, they create a powerful synergy that magnifies their combined impact.

This integration not only expands your reach but also enhances the overall user experience, fostering a more comprehensive and engaging brand presence across diverse digital landscapes.

It's the integration with other channels for dual impact.

5. Our Service on Little Red Book

Our services on Little Red Book are categorized into branding and marketing. Below, you'll find specific details for each service.

  • Branding on Little Red Book

1. Bussiness Account Set Up (with enterprise verification)

After thoroughly accessing your target consumers, brand positioning, and distinctive attributes, we will help you create a verified business account. This account will foster your brand image through a dedicated brand page, strategic auto-reply settings, and expert hashtag management.

2. Content Strategy

To ensure enduring consumer engagement, we craft tailored content aimed at conveying brand messages effectively. This strategic approach seeks to positively impact consumer purchasing decisions and brand loyalty.

We offer content planning and content management services. Content planning aids brands in developing localized post topics, determining frequency, and choosing optimal publishing times. Content management involves crafting innovative localized content for each post and optimizing it based on insightful figures and performance metrics.

3. Interaction Engagement Management

Engaging with prospective consumers through relevant user-generated content (UGC) posts and promptly addressing private messages.

4. E-commerce

Creating an e-store to capture and engage traffic and leads generated from the business account, thereby generating a synergistic dual exposure effect.

  • Marketing on Little Red Book

1. Influencer Marketing

In the realm of influencer marketing (KOL/KOC marketing), our evaluation process covers several key aspects. This involves assessing the influencer's follower segments, analyzing their past campaigns, and examining the alignment, facilitated by an insightful system, between the influencer's personal image and your brand's identity.

2. Paid Advertisements Management

We offer comprehensive assistance throughout the entire process, from account setup and content management to evaluating and optimizing your advertisements. Utilizing tailored content, we conduct A/B testing to enhance exposure and boost visibility. Ultimately, we also assess the conversion rates from traffic to leads.

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