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Case Study

Pacific Golf

A premier golf course operator in Canada

Project Scopes:

WeChat Marketing 

WeChat Community Advertising

Golf Course Aerial Shot


Pacific Golf, nestled amidst Canada's picturesque landscapes, stands as a premier golf course operator known for its breathtaking scenery, meticulously designed courses, and superior facilities. While enjoying a solid reputation among golf enthusiasts, the company confronted a strategic imperative to better engage with a rapidly growing segment of their market: the Chinese-Canadian community.

Having excelled through conventional marketing channels, Pacific Golf encountered difficulties in effectively reaching out to the Chinese-Canadian demographic. Acknowledging the unique cultural context and distinct information consumption habits of this community, the company sought a new approach to establish a direct connection, aiming to ignite interest in golf and convert that interest into visits and memberships.


To surmount this challenge, a strategy centered around leveraging WeChat, the dominant social platform among Chinese audiences worldwide, was devised. This entailed the creation and optimization of Pacific Golf's official WeChat account, serving as a conduit for targeted communication. Content was meticulously curated to resonate with the target audience, including instructional pieces on golf techniques, showcases of the courses' stunning vistas, and profiles of Chinese-Canadian golfers.


To amplify reach, collaborations were forged with active WeChat groups within the Canadian-Chinese community, ensuring the dissemination of this content to a captive and engaged audience.


The execution of this WeChat-focused strategy yielded remarkable outcomes within a brief period. Pacific Golf's WeChat account swiftly garnered a following exceeding 300 highly engaged subscribers. More impressively, the strategic sharing of content within these carefully selected groups propelled total article views into the thousands, surpassing initial projections. This not only heightened brand awareness within the Chinese-Canadian community but also tangibly stimulated visitation inquiries and membership enrollments.


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