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15 Essential Tips to Boost Your Baidu SEO Ranking

The largest Chinese search engine, Baidu

When entering the Chinese market, remember that Google is not available as most Western apps are banned. Instead, Baidu is the primary search engine used in China. Baidu, the largest Chinese search engine, holds 60.2% of the market share as of April 2024 (StatCounter). In comparison, Bing ranks second with only 19.76%.

For global businesses looking to succeed in China, Baidu SEO is crucial. Here are 15 tips to improve your website’s Baidu SEO ranking:

1. Create a Dedicated Chinese Website

Most English websites are optimized for Google SEO, but since Google and Baidu have different algorithms, it's better to build a separate Chinese website specifically for Baidu SEO.

Chanel's dedicated Chinese website for the local market

2. Host Your Website on a Chinese Server

Due to China’s 'Great Firewall', websites hosted on servers outside China, like in the US or Europe, will load very slowly. Slow loading times negatively affect Baidu rankings. Additionally, Baidu’s algorithm favors websites hosted in China.

The annual cost for a Chinese server ranges from $700 to $1,500.

3. Use a Chinese Domain with .cn

To optimize your ranking on Baidu, use a Chinese domain with .cn. For example, if your website is and you want to focus on the Chinese market, register a domain with .cn: or use .cn directly, replacing .com.

This approach is common among global brands in China.

Global brands with Chinese domain
Global brands with Chinese domain (Bosch, Ralph Lauren, Hermès, Zwilling)

4. Submit Your Website to Baidu Webmaster Tools

Don't wait for Baidu to crawl your website. Accelerate the process by submitting your site directly through Baidu Webmaster Tools: Baidu Webmaster Tools. This ensures Baidu notices your site quickly.

Baidu Webmaster tool

5. Obtain an ICP License

An Internet Content Provider (ICP) license is required to legally host a website in China. Acquiring this license shows Baidu and your users that your site is trustworthy and compliant with Chinese regulations.

6. Use Simplified Chinese Content

Baidu's algorithm prioritizes websites with Simplified Chinese content. To improve your ranking, create all website content in Simplified Chinese, as it ranks higher than Traditional Chinese.

7. Create a Profile on Baidu Baike

Baidu Baike, similar to Wikipedia, is developed by Baidu. Having a presence on Baidu Baike ensures that your brand information is favored by the search engine.

On Baidu Baike, you can display your company’s background information, including its introduction, history, development, and products.

Porsche profile on Baidu Baike
Porsche profile on Baidu Baike

8. Engage on Baidu Zhidao

Baidu Zhidao is a Q&A online forum developed by Baidu, similar to Quora, where users ask and answer questions. Engaging with Baidu Zhidao can positively impact your Baidu SEO ranking. By actively participating and providing valuable answers, you can increase your website’s visibility and credibility. Additionally, links from Baidu Zhidao back to your website can drive traffic and improve your SEO performance on Baidu.

9. Publish Public Relation (PR) Articles

Posting PR articles on high-authority websites such as Sina, Tencent, and Sohu boosts your Baidu SEO ranking.

10. Optimize for Mobile Users

With over 1.23 billion monthly active mobile internet users in China, prioritizing mobile optimization is essential. Enhancing your website's mobile version is key to improving your Baidu SEO ranking.

11. Integrate Chinese Social Media

China boasts its own distinct social media landscape, including platforms like Zhihu, Weibo, and WeChat. Since Baidu partners with some of these channels, establishing a strong presence on local Chinese social media platforms is crucial for enhancing your Baidu SEO ranking.

Integrate Chinese Social Media for better Baidu SEO

12. Use Baidu Index Tool for Performance Review

Baidu offers an index tool, similar to Google Search Console. For evaluating your Baidu SEO performance and optimizing your website later on.

13. Keyword Optimization

Baidu favors precise Chinese keywords. Utilize the official Baidu keyword tool to identify optimal Chinese keywords for enhanced Baidu SEO: Baidu Keyword Tool.

14. Craft Compelling Content

Creating top-notch, original content that matches the preferences and interests of Chinese users is key to boosting your Baidu SEO ranking. Tailor your content to cover topics your audience cares about, use popular keywords, and aim to offer valuable insights and information that engage Chinese consumers.

15. Prioritize Exceptional User Experience (UX)

Baidu values websites that deliver outstanding user experiences. Emphasize easy navigation, intuitive design, and valuable content to engage users and minimize bounce rates.

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