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How to choose the right influencer for your company in China?

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

In the current era, the rise of social media in China has led to the growing popularity of influencer marketing or KOL (Key Opinion Leader) marketing among brands and companies.

Within the Chinese market, there are three primary categories of influencers that brands and companies often collaborate with:

- Top livestreaming influencers, such as Jiaqi Li and Yonghao Luo, who specialize in livestreaming marketing.

- Renowned celebrities, including musicians, actors, athletes, and others.

- Bloggers and video influencers active on social media platforms like Red, Weibo, WeChat official accounts, and TikTok.

Typically, the third category of influencers is the preferred choice for many companies when it comes to launching a influencer marketing campaign. This is mainly due to the fact that these influencers are often more affordable and still provide effective results. As a result, foreign companies looking to enter the Chinese market and initiate their influencer marketing campaigns may wonder where they can find suitable influencers for their specific needs.

Next, we will introduce the platforms where you can find the ideal influencer for your company's influencer marketing campaign. There are two primary avenues for companies to search for influencers. The first is the official platform provided by each social media platform itself. The second option is third-party platforms that not only provide a wide range of influencer options but also offer valuable data and information to assist in the selection process. These platforms serve as valuable references when searching for the right influencer for your campaign.

- Influencer on Weibo

To collaborate with Weibo's influencers, you can utilize their official platform called Weirenwu (means Micro Task) to search for the most suitable influencers.

In contrast, TopSocial provides a more comprehensive filtering system and detailed information to help you find the perfect match influencer. On TopSocial, you can filter based on factors such as quotation, account performance, location, and other useful criteria to identify the ideal influencer for your campaign.

- Influencer on Red (also called Little Red Book or Xiaohongshu)

Unlike other social media platforms, Red does not provide a specialized platform for companies to conduct targeted searches for influencers.

While offers comprehensive data on influencers, encompassing various aspects such as classification (fashion, daily life sharing, beauty, photography, etc.), number of followers, influencer types (celebrities, senior influencers, middle-level influencers, junior influencers, etc.), defined attributes (fashion, beauty, business, consultancy, logistics, etc.), occupation, and character traits (3C enthusiasts, pet lovers, housewives, producers, etc.), as well as content styles (vlog, plog, review, etc.). This platform provides extensive information to assist in the selection of influencers for your marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, after selecting your desired influencer, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of their profile on various aspects. This includes information such as quotation, CPE (Cost Per Engagement), content performance of each post, follower segmentation, promotion analysis, and evaluation.

In addition to, another platform where you can find suitable influencers is Xinhong. Unlike Huitun, Xinhong allows you to directly contact the influencers for further cooperation. The data presentation and information provided on Xinhong are similar in nature to those offered by Huitun.

- Influencer on WeChat

WeChat has its dedicated official platform for influencers, where you can access a wide range of options. This platform allows you to compare influencers based on their account performance, such as strong influence, cost-effectiveness, new accounts, and recommended accounts. Additionally, you can directly place an order to select the desired influencer for your influencer marketing campaign.

As for third-party platforms, you can also find suitable influencers for WeChat official accounts on TopSocial. It serves as a reliable resource to search and identify the right influencers for your specific requirements.

- Influencer on Tik Tok

TikTok has its own official influencer selection platform called Juliangxingtu, where companies can find the right influencer for their campaigns. On this platform, you can specify your target audience, content type, industry, customer segmentation, influencer information, and expected performance for influencer marketing.

Similarly, for TikTok influencers, you can also find them on, just like we mentioned earlier for Red platform. provides information such as the number of followers, sales revenue from livestreaming marketing, follower segmentation, analysis of cooperated brands, and more, enabling you to find your preferred TikTok influencer.

However, since most of these platforms are in Chinese, engaging a professional Chinese marketing agency can help streamline the process and ensure a successful launch of your influencer marketing campaign!

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