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Case Study

Phase One

A renowned Danish manufacturer specializing in high-end medium format digital camera systems

Project Scopes:

Strategic Consulting
​WeChat Content 
WeChat Video

Social Media Marketing
Creative Design
KOL/KOC Marketing



Phase One was established in 1994, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is a leading manufacturer of medium format digital camera systems globally. While Phase One has a strong reputation in the medium format field and has deeply cultivated the Chinese market for over a decade, its visibility in the digital camera sector is relatively low.

In order to further enhance brand awareness, attract a younger consumer base, and deepen the brand's high-end image during the new product launch in 2019, the Phase One China team collaborated closely with the HnE team. Through the optimization of various online channels and the implementation of new marketing strategies, we successfully increased brand exposure while consolidating the brand's market positioning in the entire industry.


Firstly, we comprehensively upgraded and optimized Phase One's existing online channels, covering three major platforms in China: the official website, WeChat Official Account, and Weibo. From copywriting to design to fundamental settings, all aspects were enhanced:

  • Content Optimization: We rewrote copy that aligns more with the tone of Chinese social media, not merely translating from headquarters' content. By capturing keywords to highlight key content and employing short, personable copy, we made the content more relatable to the audience.

  • Innovative Design: We utilized more vibrant and attractive dynamic design effects to interact with readers cleverly.​

  • Structural Reinforcement: We emphasized CTA channels, maximizing the value of each article. By establishing a path from content to conversion, including likes, comments, interactions, and lead generation, we enhanced the overall conversion process.

To further elevate industry recognition, we collaborated with key opinion leaders (KOLs) in the camera sector, redirecting traffic to the official WeChat account. Additionally, to attract more attention from young fans, we expanded existing online channels, employing a 1+X marketing strategy, extending market reach to the most popular social media platforms among young people, including Xiaohongshu, Bilibili, Douyin, and WeChat Video. On these youthful platforms, we engaged in more humorous and interesting interactions, such as trailers and amusing short videos.

Finally, to streamline processes and ensure overall integration, we integrated the CRM system into all these marketing channels, creating a cohesive and efficient marketing system.


The strategic plan we optimized for Phase One has laid a solid foundation for the successful penetration of the brand into the young market. Currently, the brand's content and design exhibit a consistent style, further reinforcing the brand's high-end image. The brand's visibility on various social media platforms continues to show a growing trend.


KOL Event Impression


WeChat Followers


Monthly Leads

WeChat Official Account

WeChat Official Account of Phase One


Drawing on the image materials provided by the client, coupled with the outstanding features of the high-end product, the focus is on the theme of "The Best Camera, Capturing the Life of Ordinary People." This approach enhances the depth of the article, eliciting emotional resonance.

WeChat Video

WeChat Channels of Phase One
WeChat Channels of Phase One
WeChat Channels of Phase One

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing of Phase One

WeChat Official Account

In the social media marketing matrix, we adopt a 1+N model marketing strategy. Here, 1 represents the primary marketing platform, which is WeChat Official Account, and N represents auxiliary marketing platforms (such as Xiaohongshu, Douyin, WeChat Video Account, etc.). All information is initially prioritized for release on the WeChat Official Account platform and is then synchronized across the other N auxiliary platforms to achieve comprehensive channel marketing.

Influencer (KOL/KOC) Marketing

Influencer Marketing on WeChat

WeChat Influencer Marekting

To increase exposure for our new product, we opted for collaboration with the largest Key Opinion Leader (KOL) in the camera industry. This resulted in over 10k+ views, attracted more than 200 new followers, and generated over 100 interactions and comments.

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