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China B2B marketing solution

For all B2B businesses in China

Discover effective B2B marketing strategies to connect and engage with your business audience in China.

China B2B Marketing Challenges & Our Solutions

Brand Awareness

China B2B ​Challenges

  • Inconsistent brand image;

  • A shortage of  Chinese materials; 

  • Limited brand awareness in China;

  • Lack of brand communication with the Chinese audience

Leads Acquisition

​China B2B Challenges

  • Low conversion rate;

  • Limited lead acquisition channels;

  • High customer acquisition costs;

  • High competition, difficulty in driving customer demand

Sales System

China B2B ​Challenges

  • Confusing sales network;

  • It is hard to distinguish imitations;

  • Inconsistent pricing system in China

  • Difficult to identify officially authorized dealers for customers

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01. Analysis & Strategy
Diversifying Traffic Channels:  
  1+N Model  

Relying on a single marketing channel limits traffic growth. We recommend that B2B companies focus on the WeChat official account and collaborate with other channels to expand brand exposure, broaden the marketing customer acquisition funnel, and build a strong foundation for future traffic conversion in the Chinese market.

HnE 1+N Model: Select a primary channel and complement it with N other channels to optimize your China B2B marketing strategy

  • '1' stays consistent, incorporating all brand content

  • ​'N' varies based on specific needs

We prioritize both brand awareness and sales. HnE's China B2B solutions offer an integrated portfolio of consulting, brand localization, and lead generation for the Chinese market.

Channels suitable for '1' include:

A localized Chinese website

Channels suitable for 'N' include:

​Video Marketing: Douyin, WeChat Channel, Bilibili, Xiaohongshu

In-Feed Ads: WeChat, Douyin, Xiaohongshu, Baijiahao

Online Q&A Communities: Zhihu, Baidu, WeChat Group

Chinese Search Engine: Baidu SEO, Baidu SEM

Localized Chinese PR Marketing

Chinese Influencer Marketing: KOL of WeChat, Xiaohongshu

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WeChat Marketing

WeChat Marketing

Red Marketing

Xiaohongshu Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

KOL/ KOC Marketing

Influencer Marketing

02. Marketing & Sales
Nurturing Sales Leads:  
  High-Value Content  

Content Customer Acquisition offers B2B companies a cost-effective, high-conversion method for lead generation.

HnE's B2B content marketing strategy is designed around the full B2B user journey, aiming to stimulate customer demand by leveraging the unique attributes of Chinese digital channels. We collaborate closely with brand headquarters to craft a tailored local content matrix.

Tailor Your China B2B Marketing Services with HnE

WeChat official account content

Localized Chinese social media content

Localized Chinese video production

Localized Chinese whitepaper

Localized Chinese blog story

Localized Chinese case study

Localized Chinese press release


Phase One

Phase One



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Measuring all performances:  

Using data monitoring and measurement, business optimization becomes an ongoing process. Enhancing the entire digital value chain and customer journey involves marketing optimization like CRO, extending 'customer lifetime value' through CRM or loyalty programs, and scaling internationally.

Our Exclusive China B2B Marketing Report Comprises:

Datas from all Chinese digital channels

Sales lead profiling

Customer relationship managaement (CRM)

Monitoring & Analysis of impression, engagement, conversion

Valuable China B2B marketing insights

Chinese marketing channel guidebooks

by HnE Experts

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