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10 Key Points to Create Viral Xiaohongshu Marketing Posts (High CES)

Create viral Xiaohongshu marketing post

A viral post on Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book), is a piece of content that gains rapid and widespread popularity across the platform. These Xiaohongshu posts typically attract a high level of engagement, including likes, comments, shares, and saves, and often reach a significantly larger audience than average posts. The content of a viral Xiaohongshu post usually resonates deeply with users, whether through its relatability, novelty, entertainment value, or informational depth, making it highly shareable and impactful within the Xiaohongshu community. (Click here to learn more from our comprehensive Xiaohongshu guide)

What makes a post viral on Xiaohongshu?

What Makes a Post Viral on Xiaohongshu Marketing?

A post's virality on Xiaohongshu marketing is determined by its Community Engagement Score (CES). The CES calculation is as follows:



Strategies to Create Viral Xiaohongshu Post

1. Compelling Cover

The cover is the first impression of your Xiaohongshu post. Ensure it delivers a clear message or is eye-catching to entice potential followers to click and read.


2. Intriguing Title

Craft unforgettable titles by including targeted groups, numbers, and keywords addressing pain points. Examples:


'Target Audience + Numbers + Result'

'Emotions + Brand Persona + Numbers + Result'

'Solution + Question + Result'


3. Effective Content Structure

Always place the essential content at the beginning. Most audiences decide within 10 seconds whether to continue reading, so capture their attention early.


4. Unique and altruistic content

Create unique, solution-oriented content for Xiaohongshu marketing. Xiaohongshu is a community for sharing experiences and seeking information, so provide valuable solutions to users' needs.


5. Address Pain Points

Content that addresses common pain points resonates deeply with audiences, earning higher engagement through likes and comments.


6. Controversial content

Controversial content drives discussions and increases engagement. However, use this strategy carefully to avoid offending your followers.


7. Interesting and appealing content

Content that entertains or intrigues your audience encourages more likes and shares, increasing the chances of going viral.


8. Trending topic

Customized your Xiaohongshu marketing content to include local trending topics to increase relevance and engagement.


9. Account management

Maintaining a unified brand image on your Xiaohongshu account is crucial. Consistently share in-depth information about your products or services to build credibility and authority. The Xiaohongshu algorithm tags your account based on the content you deliver, helping to match your posts with the most relevant potential followers. As you publish new content, Xiaohongshu filters and targets the best-suited audience for your account.


Engaging with your audience is equally important. Respond to comments within 24 hours and regularly update your account to signal to Xiaohongshu that you are highly active. This interaction boosts your visibility and fosters a loyal community.


10. Tags management

Like Instagram, tags are vital for Xiaohongshu posts. Use 8-15 relevant tags per post to help the platform understand your target audience and push your content to them. Avoid using unrelated tags, as they can dilute your reach and confuse the algorithm. Effective tag management ensures your posts reach the right users and enhance engagement.

Benefits of a Viral Xiaohongshu Marketing Post

1. Increased Visibility

A Xiaohongshu viral post captures the attention of a large audience, far beyond the brand’s existing followers. This increased visibility can lead to higher brand awareness among Xiaohongshu users, many of whom may not have been previously aware of the brand.


2. Higher Engagement Rates

Viral posts on Xiaohongshu typically attract more likes, comments, shares, and saves. This increased engagement can create a ripple effect, leading to sustained interest in the brand's other content and boosting overall engagement rates on the platform.


3. New Followers

As a result of the heightened visibility and engagement, a viral post can attract new followers to the brand’s Xiaohongshu account. These new followers are potential customers who have shown interest in the brand’s content and offerings.


4. Increased Sales and Conversions

With more visibility and a growing follower base, the brand has a higher chance of converting these users into customers. Viral posts often lead to increased traffic to the brand's WeChat official account or T-mall online store, resulting in more sales and conversions.


5. Valuable Insights

A viral post on Xiaohongshu can provide valuable insights into what type of content resonates most with the audience. Brands can analyze the performance of the viral post to understand the elements that contributed to its success, which can inform future content strategies.


6. Enhanced Brand Loyalty

Engaging content that goes viral can strengthen the connection between the brand and its audience. When users feel that the brand consistently provides valuable and engaging content, they are more likely to develop loyalty to the brand.


7. Positive Algorithm Impact

Xiaohongshu’s algorithm favors content that receives high engagement. A viral post can improve the overall performance of the brand’s account by making its future posts more likely to be promoted by the algorithm, thus reaching even more users.

Creating viral content on Xiaohongshu is essential for boosting your brand's visibility and engagement. By understanding the Community Engagement Score (CES), crafting compelling covers and titles, and maintaining a unified brand image, you can maximize your content's reach.

Consistently producing unique, engaging content, managing your account effectively, and leveraging trending topics will enhance your brand's presence on Xiaohongshu. Implement these strategies to drive long-term growth and success in the Chinese market.


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